View Full Version : Level 58 Help Please (Can't get past)

07-20-12, 01:43 AM
I have been stuck on this level for days. What exactly is the aim here? Help someone please!!

07-21-12, 05:45 PM
58 is tricky because the initial layout is so disjointed and it's hard to make combo shots (thus providing lower scores).

What I suggest:
- Pick a Star Bubble and focus everything on getting to it. Pop it with one of the 3 colors of the babies. If you don't, you likely won't be able to reach them. Remember you only need to pop all the baby bubbles to win.
- Pop a Star Bubble as soon as possible, since it eliminates all of that color, thus increasing the chances that you'll get colored bubbles you actually need.
- Pop a Star Bubble, if possible, with a color that will most benefit you in reaching one of the other Star Bubbles. For example, if you've started to work towards a second one because you were getting colors that were not helping you towards the first, see if popping a Star Bubble with a certain color will cause parts to drop off or will make later shots easier.

It is a tricky one, and 40 bubbles isn't all that gratuitous. Keep trying!