View Full Version : Bubble Brother Quest

07-19-12, 10:24 PM
We need to reach tenth island in Bubble Mania games and i'm still stuck in island 7 :( the game is getting ridiciously difficult !!! Has anyone complete this quest? I really wish to know what will we get after completing this extremely difficults task :((

07-19-12, 11:44 PM
Omg 3 gems only ��

07-20-12, 04:52 AM
To reach the 10th level is doable. Some people do it without using the extras offered. It goes faster if you buy the helpers. If you don't have enough coin, go back and play on earlier islands.

07-20-12, 05:20 AM
yup just got the goal today on bakery story ..i was past level 10 so all i had to do is buy a decor on bakery.. and it gave me 3 gems