View Full Version : "Loading.." resets (bug)

06-17-10, 03:53 PM
Whenever the game loads something it refreshes and cancels anything I was doing.

The two places where it REALLY becomes an annoyance is:

1. Whenever I post a comment on someone's wall I start typing and suddenly the keyboard & whatever I typed disappear because the wall finishes loading and I have to start over. I can wait 5-10 seconds to avoid this, but it really adds up to several minutes when you're commenting alot. When my connection is slow the wait time will be significally longer, thpugh in these cases I can actuallt finish & post before the "finished loading reset".
Suggestion to fix it: Remove/work around whatever it is that "resets" OR make it so we can post without loading wall comments (leave a comment dialogue box for example).

2. Whenever I water my neighbour's farms the neighbour list keeps reloading and resetting to tge top of the list so I have to scroll down and find out where I left off. This costs even more time, especially if you load someone you had already watered because you forgot who you did last.
Suggestions to fix: make the neighbour page not reload so often, or remember where it was before it reloaded OR at least give us the option to skip down, maybe alphabet skip/filter ir search by name box so we can type "t" and it will show all names starting with a t among our neighbours.