View Full Version : Really starting to irritate me!

07-16-12, 02:33 PM
I'm really getting sick of the fact that we aren't all given the same goals and therefore we're not all getting the same REWARDS! I've heard from many players that they have goals in fashion, restaurant, bakery, etc that rewards them with gems for reaching certain islands in bubble mania. I DO NOT have these goals in ANY games except dragon story. Along these same lines, my niece plays bubble mania and was given a special island that rewarded her with 30 gems for beating 2 extremely easy levels. I do not have this island. She also has more goals in dragon story relating to this game that have given her FAR more gold then my goals have given me. I'm getting so unbelievably sick of the fact that teamlava is not giving their players equal rewards. They are the most unfair developers I've ever seen. Android gets a gem sale EVERY SINGLE WEEK but I have never gotten one on ios. Not one single gem sale. But my niece who also plays on an iPad 2 (just like I do) has had several gem sales. What the heck is up with all of these indiscretions? I'm just plain sick of it.

Are these things happening to anyone else?