View Full Version : my full review on this game

07-13-12, 12:25 PM
To begin with, this game is amazing i love the designs, i love how every room is mysterious, and the fact that it is a pet hotel that you can raise families in :) but like every game this has flaws to me the biggest flaw in this game is expansions the expansions are small and are extremely expensive and take WAY too long to complete especially since some buildings take up almost the whole space TL i really would appreciate if you guys fixed this by at least lowering down the prices and time to wait or keep it the same but make the expansions bigger than what they currently are another little flaw that i got is how when i started with 50 gems it was unfair i could only get 1 rare item that i never ended up having, to be honest i am enjoying this game very much but with the expansion problem and space taking problem i am starting to lose hope in this game this game is very young and has LOTS of potential.