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07-13-12, 04:45 AM
Hi there,
First and foremost, I would like to thank teamlava for developing many wonderful games with great graphics and effect. I have played if not all, most of them. My latest addition is definitely dragon story. I have been playing this game for a couple of months, both on my iphone and ipad. It is a wonderful game but I really got a little frustrated recently. I really hope the te!m would really look into the issues I mentioned here.

(1) The super rare and rare dragons are very difficult to breed. So far, I do not have any super rare dragon (My level is 35). for example I been trying to breed familiar dragon. I got my seven poison dragons. Each poison dragon took 42 hours of time...(21 hours to breed and to hatch%2y.

Personally I think it is too time consuming.

(2) I also realised that it is alot easier for the new player to get the super rare dragon. A few of my friends have tried and agreed as we own

both iphone and ipad. One of my friend just started the game two weeks and she already have parakeet, atlantis and other rare dragons. (she got atlantis on first attempt) I recently started dragon story on my iPhone. I got parakeet, wild, fairy and eagle. Another of my friend got atlantis and familiar in her ipad which she started later. I understand that breeding is random, but to me, it just really puzzles me why the newer players can get the super rare dragon so much easier as compared to us who have been playing the game. Please explain to me or look into this.

(3) A few suggestions
(i) allow player to change the dragon names (just like pet hotel story)
(ii) if the breeding is going to be so d)fficult for us (esp me), can we
-have more breeding dens and nest
-reduce the breeding time and hatching time of some of the common dragon (island 20 hours, poison 21 hours....a little crazy)
-give us the option to at least not to hatch the egg or stop the breeding (may be after 1/2 or 1/3 of the breeding time)
(iii) increase the probability (slightly higher) of getting the super rare and rare dragons (to me, the rare and super rare dragons are seem impossible to get through breeding for the 'older' player)

I really hope the objective of developing the game is not just to make money (i.e. player needs to spend money on gold to buy the rare and super rare dragons cause they are so hard to get through breeding).

I hope teamlava will really take my feedback seriously cause I don't think I am the only one who is feeling this way. I look forward to your response.

p.s. my past few attempt in breeding: 7 poison dragons, 2 firestorm dragons (and before that, a few coral dragon) you can calculate how many hours I have wasted and I am not getting even one rare dragon.