View Full Version : Calling all builders! City Story Metro now out worldwide on iOS!

07-12-12, 09:21 PM
Hey all! We've been building up with excitement here at TeamLava to officially announce City Story Metro!


While this game pays homage to the original City Story, this is a completely new game, top-to-bottom. With an immensely polished art style and all new features, this game is without doubt the best city-building game on mobile devices!

Check out everything new with City Story Metro!

★ BUILD houses, beachfront condos, stunning mansions, and watch your population grow!
★ RUN businesses like burger joints, bowling alleys, and movie theaters.
★ WATCH your citizens walk, and cars drive, all on roads you build!
★ See your entire city light up as the game changes from DAY to NIGHT!
★ DECORATE your city with parks, trees, and sports stadiums!
★ EXPAND your borders and coastline! Create RIVERS and LAKES!
★ Build the great WONDERS of the world like the Statue of Liberty!
★ Visit other player?s cities to lend a hand and get new decorating ideas!





Play this incredible game today! Let us know what you think, and let us know if you have any questions!