View Full Version : Expansion/Large Purple Habitat and Farm cost needs to be adjusted.

07-12-12, 06:16 AM
Team Lava,
Before your June nerf, It seems that expansions was more reasonable.
But now it's scaling at too much of a rapid rate to make it not feasible for newer players.

Increasing by 50k or more each time is crazy.

Don't you think that 20 appls @3min then a jump to 50 apple for 60 min is a bit out of wack?

I mean it's roughly 30 more apple for 2000% more time?

Lastly, the cost of the large purple habitat needs to be adjusted also.
Don't you think 180k for one habitat is a bit steep?

I know you guys want to keep your players around for longer but making it scale insanely like this ARE NOT making you any fans nor loyal customers unless your strategy is to turn and churn i.e get thousands of people to spend once in your games then piss them off for life because it turned out the games are scaling insanely.

07-12-12, 12:06 PM
Thank you for the feedback on the adjustments and giving your opinion and concerns. I will pass this on to our devs.