View Full Version : Missing Coins Bubble Mania

07-06-12, 12:52 AM
When I returned to play after several hours I noticed my coins where missing. On my last play I had over $6,000 in coins & when I came back to game there where only $1,500 in coins. What happen to coins? I know for a fact I did not purchase any of the speciality items so where did coins go? I would appreciate TL putting coins back that I had to work for My device is iPod touch 4th generation, storm iD Landa001. Thanks

07-06-12, 12:59 AM
Have you tried Turning your device off and on again? If that doesn't work email support@teamlava.com and explain to them your problem. This happened to me in restaurant story and they just said my money had gone back into the game and I'll get it back when I serve more dishes. But I wish you luck- hopefully they can fx it.

07-06-12, 05:00 PM
As sunstorm01 suggested, try restarting the device and app. If you're still experiencing issues after doing so, please send an email to support so they can collect more details and investigate. Thanks!