View Full Version : This would be the greatest update ever

07-02-12, 05:12 PM
Need more decorations or make people that walk around and pay to go on rides or diferent activitys And **** shop in for tourist to buy dragons as pets and have houses for perplex to live in so it's like a viking town that owns dragons but also dragons in habitats and have dragon flying compititions and races with neighbors and have more space to build also make mini games hav trading with friends and u can ofer friends sertian things or money for dragons like a bartering section. I think with all that this game would be on the top charts and mite have a shot at number 1i don't know if the creators read this but if some one knows how to send this to them pls do I would pay a lot of money for this game. If any one wants to be my neighbor my stom8idis killerbrurbu if you want to be neighbors

07-05-12, 05:52 PM
I would love to see more decor since there is a limit on habitats there gives us no reason to expand, but it would be cools to have some trees that we could place where we want them, so we can mov habitats around them, would love to see more decor for sure.......Pleaseeeeee