View Full Version : Level 41?

07-01-12, 06:46 AM
Can anyone give any tips on how to master level 41? I've been trying for the last 3 days and it is starting to get old. Thanks!

07-01-12, 09:40 AM
Omg me tooo! The game is cheating! I pay 5,000 for the antivenom thing and when I come close to winning, the game never gives me the colors I need! It's frustrating!

07-01-12, 10:04 AM
Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one! I've only come close once and of course it gave me every color but the one I needed. Ggrrrr

07-10-12, 11:19 AM
Any luck??

Same here! Have tried buying antivenom, extra balls... nothing works

07-10-12, 12:02 PM
When I was just finishing this post, I played a game, I bought anti-venom and I just aim middle and eventually with a bit of like in the balls i got through.. it was only 1 star though...

07-10-12, 09:48 PM
The colors of the ball should't be random? It cheats!

07-23-12, 07:11 AM
Had the hardest time clearing this level, then now am able to, but always says I need a higher score--tried clearing all the top when I know I have it beat, but still can't get a big enough score, any suggestions?