View Full Version : Bubble Mania -loads and blows out of game OR won't load OR starts to load and hangs

06-28-12, 02:44 PM
I have an Iphone
OS Version: 4.2.1 (8C148) - Won't load anything more recent.
16 GB version 3G
I only connect to the internet via wifi at my home.
I do not use the cellular internet access.
I have a high speed DSL connection with ATT.

I downloaded the game and ran it.
Looked interesting. Completed the first screen and as it waited it dumped out to the main phone screen. Restarted the game. Restarted the first round on the game. All the initial instructions again. Completed again. while waiting for the same ending screen, it dumped me out. Did this 6 or 7 times over an hour.

Rebooted the phone - No difference. Twice
Avoided starting any other applications prior to running the game no difference.

On the 8th time I rant he game it gave me 3 stars and then blew up.
On the ninth time it gave me 3 stars and said I had completed something. Blew up.
When I restarted it, it showed a new screen and said I was on level 2.

I have never finished a round that it did not blow up.
I have now attempted to start the level 2 about 40 times. I have gotten to the play screen 4 times. I have completed it each time. It blows out on the completion screen.

I turned off sound and notices.
I deleted other games to see if more hard drive was needed.
I loaded an Application which tells me the free memory on the phone prior to starting the game and I have had as much as 17 meg of free memory.
I can no longer get the game to load.
2/3 of the time it gets a green startup screen that has the name of the game and simply fails out to the phone menu. the rest of the time it gets to the screen with an island and several circles around it. There is a light around the island 2. All the higher numbers are locked. I click on that island and a new screen comes up. I select play on 2. At this point 50% of the time it simply hangs and the phone locks up. The screen grays out a little and simply does nothing. The other 50% of the time a red cloud comes up with a picture of a cat? and it hangs with that picture. I never any longer get the game portion where you play.

I have had other issues with teamlava games in the past. Restaurant story hangs all the time. It just acts like someone yelled halt for 5 seconds to a minute. I get something similar with Pet shop. It just hangs. Then starts working again. Happens all the time. I assume it is something with the team lava servers.

I do not have these issues with other games or other applications.
My son thinks the phone is a toy and the frustrations with these games would have disintegrated the device long ago if it happened on the games he uses.

While I have seen pieces of this in the forums, I have not actually seen anyone post a reason or solution. I have not seen a complete description showing someone having the continuous problems over several days that I have had.

06-28-12, 03:11 PM
So you're unable to update your OS to anything newer than iOS 4.2.1? Do you have any other apps running in the background while playing Bubble Mania?

06-28-12, 03:17 PM
I have an ap called Sys that shows me what is running. The 3g does not do the multi-tasking available on the newer iPhone. The process shows mail, phone, sys(the ap itself) and sometimes App manager. Then there is a list of processes similar to a basic UNIX system which I would expect. I would have to know to look for a specific one to know what should or should not be running.

Regarding the OS: The older phones can't up date to the latest OS.

06-28-12, 04:13 PM
I'm on 4.2.1 and am seeing much of the same issues you are. Did the whole system restore and other apps work fine.

06-28-12, 04:27 PM
Everything else works fine. This app seems crazy. If I put on my systems developer hat, I would believe that either the system is running out of resources(memory or something else) or that it is segment faulting. There may be some memory differences between the versions of OS that only the developers know about. Since I am not writing apps in this space, I assume they can figure it out. Of course they have to want to figure it out and set aside the people and time to do so. This should be pretty easy to trouble shoot on their part.

07-02-12, 12:36 AM
Well its been four days.

No response from Teamlava. Gosh I can tell that having the version of iphone software helped them get to some great solutions for us.

I have run this at multiple locations and get the same thing. It has been days.
Does anyone care?
Do you plan to fix it?
If not, just say so and I will stop looking for updates and I will stop trying to see if it works.

07-02-12, 03:23 PM
I'm sorry that we haven't been able to post an update, but some issues do take time to investigate and resolve. We are still looking into this issue, but unofficially, looking at the pattern of reports that I've forwarded for investigation, it appears that older iOS devices are experiencing issues running Bubble Mania. The older devices may not be able to support the particle effects and animation.

We are still investigating the cause of the issues, but if this is the case, it's possible the team will try to look for a way to reduce the requirements of Bubble Mania so that older devices can run it.