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06-28-12, 06:38 AM
IPAD2, Dragon story。

1) When I tried to expand area, it asks for 90000 coins and some number of maps, but I am short of maps then. So I asked friends for more maps. During the waiting period, I touched somewhere and expansion screen got stuck. I have to turn off the ipad's power to terminate the application. After I came back, expansion costs 450000. I am not sure why I happened. Now I have to pay extra 50000 for each expansion. Was this designed?

kooky panda
06-28-12, 08:39 AM
I have found that Dragon story lags more than the other games. I think this is due to all the animations in the game. On expansions when you click wait a few minutes for your expansion areas to show up.
Are you missing any gold? One time I did what you did and did not wait for the expansions to fully show up and I hit it again, and I ended up finishing that expansion with gold.

When you game freezes instead of turning Ipad on and off you can also a force close of the game. It is faster than shutting off your ipad.

Click you home button twice, your icons will show up at the bottom

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQx33DWgZVWPenwP1h0tpgUnPKRBxsz yWFKkDmOxwXrqLhb7dADwnKnLPxThen you hit the red minus sign for the apps you want to close out. you can scroll to find more.
You are not deleting the apps just closing them out. When you have app run in the background, it takes memory and slows up the games.