View Full Version : RARE ? thats more like will never happen

06-25-12, 07:49 PM
hello support team ...
my problem is kinda making me want to stop playing this game cos i got bored waiting for a single rare to pop up someday ... i am already level 31 on dragons story and i did try breeding all kind of dragons i have and all kind of levels but no use ... i am dont have a single rare dragon yet .. all i get is fruit dragons .. my habitats full of them .. i even sold some to make space for new (FRUIT dragons)

i told some of my friends about it and they said i should leave you a msg on here so you about it.

they said it might be a bug or something

so here you go .. my ID is darksorrow and so is my nickname ingame
thanks for all the help and efforts you put to help players

regards .. darksorrow

06-25-12, 11:42 PM
Sorry , but I don't think it's a hug, just your luck. I agree, breeding takes too much luck. Sure, there's a lot of people who get their Rares without much hassle, but there's even more people who keep trying and trying without any success.

Case in point. I'm trying for a Wizard. How many attempts have I made on the Wizard ALONE? TWENTY-ONE ATTEMPTS. My luck absolutely stinks.

06-25-12, 11:46 PM
*bug, not hug