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06-22-12, 09:37 PM
I find the game and the whole dynamics I it and how I to get around confusing

06-23-12, 05:32 AM
I can't get past 3-4 :( too difficult!

06-23-12, 07:09 AM
I can't get past 3-4 :( too difficult!
Keep trying you'll get it ... Try buying some extra balls with coins

06-23-12, 08:10 AM
Keep trying you'll get it ... Try buying some extra balls with coins

Thanks! I did that, but still couldn't past it. Finally i succeded. Now i'm stuck at 3-6, too manu colored balls! *sigh* I NEED to get past this level for the gems in FS haha :)

06-23-12, 10:54 AM
You're lucky you got to that level. I cannot get past level 3-3. Is there some kind of strategy or something? If there is, please tell me.

06-23-12, 10:57 AM
You guys are more luckier than me. I'm still stuck at 3-2. And no more energy left. The re-charging is taking ages. -.-" And I agreed that this game is indeed HARD! Once you reach the third island you will know. >_< I need more to complete the goals for my gems. Arghh!!

06-23-12, 12:52 PM
I'm stuck at 3-1. I got close then I ran out of balls, I even bought extras before I started.

06-23-12, 12:54 PM
I'm at 3-4 they don't make it hard- some of them are impossible to go thru with the balls you're given-

06-23-12, 01:40 PM
Hey just wanted to add that I'm at level 4-6.. But what's annoying me is I have no progress showing in the bakery goal.. 13 days to reach level 4????? What's the reward and why is it not showing that I'm way over 0%
Anyone having this problem???????

06-23-12, 01:44 PM
I had the same problem. It took a good hour or 2 before the game recognized that I had gotten to level 4. hang in there. It's coming :)

06-23-12, 01:46 PM
Havent got to level 4 yet, was stuck at 3-3 now stuck at 3-4. But I have read others complaining about goals not completing on other threads.

06-23-12, 02:24 PM
Ah thanks I'll just have to wait n see what happens....

06-23-12, 03:11 PM
I'm stuck at lvl 3-3 as well. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm sure I've tried about 20 times or more. :(

06-23-12, 03:30 PM
This thread should be deleted , my brain started to ache in all the different post thread related.. I played this game the other day and got to 4-3 before I ran out of energy.. But it's nothing to come and complain about lol. Just had to peek at what was "Confusing" No one can help you because every time you retry might be different color, However if your really desperate for "tricks" go do some research on these kind of games because bubble Mania is not the first..

06-23-12, 03:37 PM
Well I made it to 3-2. I'm hooked. I like how the little cat (?) says hooray! after it's released from the bubble.

06-23-12, 11:40 PM
I got stuck at 3-6 for awhile before I finally recharged 2 times and got passed it. Now I'm stuck at 4-6. I love the cute cat too :)

06-24-12, 02:34 AM
Yea..! I had finally reached the fourth island. Guessed I will stop playing this game. =x

06-25-12, 01:18 PM
I find the game and the whole dynamics I it and how I to get around confusing

Hi Mattyboo1. Thanks for playing our game! Can you give a bit more details? What did you find confusing? Were the tutorial pop ups poorly written? Were you unable to shoot bubbles? I would be happy to give your feedback to the dev team if you had a few more details.