View Full Version : Faith in Feedback

06-21-12, 07:55 AM
This is simply my opinion, but I welcome any thoughts and/or responses.

I have given my share of feedback, criticism and suggestion during my time on these forums as well as reported bugs I've encountered. Sometimes the staff here responds or pm's me, other times it just becomes an aesthetic thread. I wonder exactly what gets done when we give feedback.

Reporting bugs tends to get the most responses. When the game is behaving in a way it should not, I see more staff posting in those threads. When suggestions are made on ways to improve the game, it's difficult to tell what happens even if you see team lava staff respond.

Where do they go? To developers? To a board meeting? I'll give you an example:

"Gem Traps" have always been part of the game. We have all in one way or another spent gems in some unintended fashion. How difficult would it be to implement a confirmation button of sorts? I've seen it suggested many times. Does the team lava staff that operates these forums see it and take it further up the chain? And if so, how do we know what happens after it goes there? Is there a reason offered as to why something can't be or isn't done? i.e. technically inefficient or redundant in some way?

I like to make suggestions, I'm observant and support the team lava games. I want to see them improve and continue to be successful, but I often feel that anything not pertaining to the "bottom line" falls on deaf ears. If I claimed that I found a way to trick the game into giving me free gems, u can imagine how much response that would garner, but when I suggest that the game formula has gotten stale and offer some ideas that could help keep the game fresh (with other players expressing support) it doesn't get attention.

There are any number of reasons why some things go unfixed and others get changed, but my opinion is that it's all about the bottom line aka the cash. My faith in feedback is sketchy at best.