View Full Version : Collect flag vs. "Played" Bonus

06-21-12, 01:53 AM
Does someone know how the Collect flag works, as compared to a Bonus you get when someone plays with your dragons? It's not that either give you the max $ value for the island. Why does the Collect thing pop up, what triggers it? Is it just random?

And what exactly does the Played bonus give you? Just a star? Or is there a $ value too?

I can't seem to figure out the logic. Is there any logic to it? :confused:

06-21-12, 10:27 AM
The collect bonus is $250 (it may depend on level). This is easy to check, if you have one dragon in a habitat and send it breeding/evolving, you will still get the bonus visit income from the habitat, but no regular income.

The flag seems to come up when you are about half full? Not sure of the logic. And there may be a different flag when the habitat is completely full..

There may be a small glitch in the collection/bonus: If you collect the flag from a habitat after having the game sit for a while, it also clears the visit-bonus from it, even if it was not sparkling when you collected (and you didn't get it). So it is better to first do some farming or other actions when you are returning to the game, to give it some time to sync up and sparkle up your habitats before collecting... Anyone else noticed that?

06-22-12, 03:23 PM
That helps! Thanks :)

And I do have that issue where I collect my flags without sparkles and within a minute or two I'm filled with sparkles again. According to the logic you defined, it shouldn't affect the income. It just makes you have to make rounds two times, I guess.