View Full Version : Lost over 500K of Stuffed Mushrooms with o compensation

06-17-12, 11:08 PM
just served a Roasted King Fish and noticed that took it was placed on the counter that had over 500,000 stuffed mushrooms this morning. I didn't put the counter in storage and I didn't clear it. How could this have happened? :(

iOS 5.1.1
RS 1.5.1
Dashiell's Diner, Level 98

06-17-12, 11:45 PM
You may have had 2 counters with the mushrooms on them. When you placed the king fish, it combined the mushrooms. Did you notice a message pop up saying "The chef has placed all the Stuffed Mushrooms on one counter", or did all mushrooms just disappear?

06-18-12, 11:34 PM
I use the consolidation function when I am redecorating and that didn't happen here. I wish it were so.