View Full Version : More growing after 15x15

06-16-10, 08:42 AM
Are many to change,
neightbors I wanna erase,

after the 15x15 expand I can' t grow anymore, so I wanna get other decoration but I'll lost farm space? No... Let us grow more!!!

many say "watered " but do they? Can be indicators?

What's the point of the barn or houses, we just spent money and space, look nice but don't make us win anything.

What about the water pipe to actually water some 5x5 space, we'd buy more!

A tractor?the silo to be funtional?

Is a good game but does get stuck after 25 leves, when ee can't do anymore that just plant and collect...

06-17-10, 07:13 AM
don't worry dude. I was worried about that too but more stuff opens up to you as you grow...