View Full Version : Coodos & suggestions!! Better way to access or delete friends!

06-16-10, 04:12 AM
First of all great job on farm story flowers! Love the changes & love getting some free gems!Now, please find a way to make it easier to get to certain friends. I usually go through alphabetically to water my neighbors. I have 135 neighbors & every time I go back to the next on the list I have to start back at the top. If it could be like the iPhone contacts list, where you just have to hit the first letter of the name you are looking for or something similar, that would make things much easier.

Also, there are dormant neighbors who have quit playing. There needs to be a way to delete those who have quit, or who do not play the way you wish. Maybe even a block for the ones who are annoying or stalker like.

This game is played by all ages, and for the protection of children, there needs to be a way to report negative users. I have seen many using this game as an online dating site with vulgar messages.

And alas, could there be some choices on the house, barn, shed ect. Maybe some more trees, animals(goats,donkeys,turkeys,deer etc), & what about farm equipment. Work horses, not just show horses that could maybe be bought with coins.

Just some suggestions to an already great game!
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06-18-10, 02:21 AM
i support this idea

it would be great to have a better neighbour management. it would be even better to have a seperate friend list, to distinct between neighbours for water reasons and friends for regular chats and visiting

the help documentation is talking about "messages" for neighbours. is this a hidden feature or the same as a comment on the wall?

thx for this great and free game


06-19-10, 08:39 PM
I also agree, I have alot of friends on my list that obviously don't get on the game alot or at all and it would be great to be able to delete them, and also have some friends that like to tell people how horrible their farm looks and how they would do it right, tips are fine but that's passed the verge of being rude.

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