View Full Version : With Breeding - Do levels actually matter?

06-12-12, 05:40 AM
I dont see how Levels when breeding actually matter, its the same dragon....?!?

I dont wanna miss out on the oppertunity of breeding and getting a diamond dragon, but at the same time getting my dragons to epic form earns me money quicker... so... does anyone know if levels of the dragons your breeding actually does matter or not? thanks :)

06-12-12, 05:45 AM
I don't think they matter.

06-12-12, 05:53 AM
Don't think they matter, bred rares, super rares with epics and/or lvl 4s, no difference for me.

06-12-12, 05:55 AM
I didnt think they did, everyone frets about how the levels affect stuff but yeah, thanks!

06-12-12, 06:35 AM
Only luck matters in my opinion

06-12-12, 07:01 AM
I think currently there is no gameplay reason to raise your dragons past level 4 (other than doing the few book quests).. Maybe TL will eventually realize this and make a change in breeding so that the level actually matters.. Which would make sense, as a small incentive/reward to use that much food and evolution time into making epic breeding pairs.

Maybe breeding would tire these dragons so they would drop down one level, to keep the economy going. Oh well, we'll see how the game evolves, it is still very goung and TL does not seekm to care much about playability or game balance at the moment.