View Full Version : Scarlet Macaw Question

06-06-12, 09:39 PM
I bought some gems awhile back and with them I bought a pair of Macaws. I thought I had paid 4 gems a piece, but don't remember. With the new challenges, I acquired 11 gems and decided to go ahead and breed one Macaw and wait till I got five more gems before breeding the second one. Well, the nursery said it would cost 8 gems, but I was only charged 4. So I thought great, now I can complete the family. I currently have 7 gems and clicked to breed a second Macaw, but it's telling me I don't have enough gems. If it really is supposed to cost 4 gems, which is what I was charged for the first one, then I have enough and should be allowed to breed. So which is it? Are they supposed to cost 4 or 8 gems?

06-07-12, 10:59 AM
They are supposed to cost 8 gems.

06-21-12, 07:35 PM
I had the same experience. It said it cost 8 but it charged less. Consider yourself lucky and don't publicize this glitch.