View Full Version : Undegradable Stars Rating bug

06-05-12, 10:09 PM
I observed that there are few abandoned neigbours of mine, they remains in 4 Stars rating forever, they all the following in common:

1. Door is blocked
2. All tables are removed

TL, please look into this

06-05-12, 10:09 PM
This also affect Bakery as well. Should I double post this in Bakery Story Forum?

06-05-12, 10:52 PM
No need to repost in BS.

Star ratings and food consumption updates when a player starts up a game. If they abandon the game and don't play, their star rating and food doesn't change. Once they open their game, it is readjusted, and when away for close to a week, the star rating will drop to 0.

So what you are seeing are players who have not played in a long time.