View Full Version : Not receiving maps

06-03-12, 12:14 PM
Can you only receive a certain number of maps per day? Two days ago I just needed one, sent the request to 200 friends and finally the next day got the one I needed plus about 30 more. Today I need more, sent requests again and haven't seen a single one returned. It's like I only get them a day after I request. Anyone else having this problem?

Tried expanding again today and still no responses to the map request. I checked with two friends that I requested from and they have not received the request yet but I received theirs. If it takes a day or more to expand and I have to wait a day between expansions this is going to take forever!! I can't breed anymore because I don't have room and I can't add habitats because I can't expand!! This is ridiculous!! Please help!

06-03-12, 12:19 PM
Replied to you here http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?29578-Dragon-Story-gifts-problems&p=323703#post323703