View Full Version : Apples are ridiculous!

06-03-12, 11:06 AM
It doesn't make sense that for more time. You are actually losing apples. For example, for 3 minutes you can get 20 apples, that means I can plant that and within 15 minutes I already have 100 apples, but then for a whole hour I only get 50 apples? That makes no sense. Neither does the other 3, the 5 hour, 8 hour, & 20 hour. The times waiting for apples do not correspond equally with the amount of apples you're getting. It isn't worth the times. Please make the apples worth the time waiting. Especially being that level 8 & 9 to get to 9 & epic are so high amounts to feed. 1,000 apples? Extremely hard to get 5,000 with these apple times and amounts

06-03-12, 11:51 AM
You can get 720 apples in 1 hour for 3600 !
By choosing the 30 sec ! And keep planting for an hour
You will get more apples for less mony !

06-03-12, 11:57 AM
Reducing the number of apples you get each time you plant was a bad call. It takes so long to grow food you need to make it worth the wait!