View Full Version : Price of nest decreased?

06-02-12, 03:39 PM
I only have one nest, and when I first started it was 25 gold for me. But the price increased to 50 and then 250 gold, and a few days ago, it rose to 800 for my 2nd nest! Pretty outrageous, but I checked the price just now and it's back down to 250. Think TL feels bad for us cuz of the complaints? I have my fingers crossed maybe it will go down to 50 gold again.

06-02-12, 03:45 PM
125 is more reasonable but 250 is ok i think, at least people can affort it now. Its good to see that TL listen to us once :D

06-02-12, 09:22 PM
Hi, my nest price is still at 1000 gold. I think different players differs.