View Full Version : Breeding den does not show any time???

06-01-12, 02:26 PM

I?ve been breeding fire and air 3 times in the row now. Usually breeding den showed about 12 hrs, then ended up with firestorm.

Now I am breeding fire and air again, but it does not show me any count down...

Has anybody an idea what this means?

How long does eagle take, if it is one?

06-01-12, 02:33 PM
Eagle is 14 hours.

When you tap on the breed icon with the clock on it, what does it say where the breeding time would normally be? Is it just blank? :confused:

06-01-12, 02:36 PM
Well, there is no clock anymore....

No icon to click to check the time. Before it was... so??? What can it be???

What happens, if for Diamond? What will the clock show? - But in this case not combination for diamond..... is fire and air...

06-01-12, 02:38 PM
Yes, there will be a timer for diamond. It takes two days. Sorry!

When you tap on the breeding den, what icons do you see? Sometimes I have to tap twice to see the heart icon.

06-01-12, 02:53 PM
if I tap on the breeding den, there is only "info" and "move". Timer is missing. no matter how often I tap

06-01-12, 02:59 PM
Ok, just deleted the game and new installed. It was a kind of strange fault. When I new installed, breeding den was empty. Tried again, now its 12 hrs... so no eagle :(

06-01-12, 03:07 PM
Downloading the new version (1.0.3) fixed this problem for me.