View Full Version : New Update! New Dragons! Same prices...

06-01-12, 01:00 PM
Your heard me.
New update.

Though the dragon may be cute, and some are just different colors of other dragons, the real change most of the DS player community had been waiting for did not come.
That right, the prices are still the same.

Fruit still costs the same for half of what the outcome used to be.

Prices for habitats are still ?berpriced. (Especially the Large Magic Habitat).

And prices for buildings are still way high. (Especially the nests).

06-04-12, 12:35 PM
I seriously dont get you people!! i mean 250 g for 2nd nest then what will be the price for 3rd one!! upgrading farm 30000 coins?? what in the world is that rate!! and i dont want to say another word about the food price its ridiculous!! I suggest that you revert the food and the nest cost !! upgrading can be handled once u grow your dragons!! but now cant even feed them!!