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05-30-12, 10:39 PM
Hey Guys,

I have a number of issues, probably bugs.

1.) I have 70 friends on my friends list. I try to send them a gift of gold, and every single one of them has "already received the maximum amount" this is despite trying every single day for the last 2 weeks & sending them within 2-3 minutes of the "day cut over time"

I have never been able to send 1 gift to anyone. I find it exceptionally hard to believe that everyone on every day has already received the maximum amount of gifts within a couple minutes of the cut over, even those people who are new, and have less than 5 friends of their own have already received the max amount of gifts.

2.) When I get gifted, I receive gold fine. Map's however, I have received in excess of 100 of them & I cannot use an of them to expand my map. it always says I have 0/8 (I bought all the others with gold I made from purchases)

3.) People are continually saying that my yard is full, even though I'm sitting at it waiting for the "sparkles" and clearing them the second they appear. even if 3 people played with the dragons at the same time, there should still be room for more, but it seems that my yard is still full for anytime between 5-15 minutes after its cleared.

4.) This issue is not as bad as in the "Night Club Story" game, but it still present. I get continual "This is an online game" error even though I'm using my home wifi (with full wifi reception on the iphone) connected to an ADSL 2+ Internet line with constant 100% connection.

I also get this issue when using just my phone's network reception, even when Im in the middle of the CBD with 100% reception.

I will even get "updates" from dragon story (and nightclub story) on top of the "This is an online game" saying someone has posted my wall...etc so there is a connection to the server, but the error keeps appearing

05-30-12, 10:43 PM
Wow, I'm really sorry. I hope you get the game I have because Ive had maybe one of this bugs :(

05-31-12, 08:12 AM
You sound like you're familiar with regular TL bugs. Just in case you haven't done this already (I'm sure you have though), delete the App, restart your device & redownload the App. If this doesn't solve the problem email TL Support.