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05-29-12, 10:23 PM
I bought a second nest that was listed as 25 gold. However, when I placed the nest, it disappeared. And then my gold total went back to where it was. Now when I try to buy the second nest, it has a price of 50 gold, what I believe is the price for the 3rd nest, but I didn't even get to buy the second nest.

I play on a 2nd generation ipod touch and have the latest version of the game.

05-29-12, 11:32 PM
People are getting different gold requirements for items and speed ups. It seems TL is still tweaking the economy and using different people as guinea pigs

05-29-12, 11:43 PM
I bought the 2nd nest 2 days ago. I just went back to check the cost for nest, it is now 250 Gold.
is it supposed to be or it is a bug?

05-30-12, 02:49 AM
People are getting different gold requirements for items and speed ups. It seems TL is still tweaking the economy and using different people as guinea pigs


05-30-12, 03:47 AM
MINE WAS 250 GOLD AT THE START!!! WHAT THE HECK???!!! Team Lava, please make the gold requirement the same because my friends get way better stuff for a cheaper price.

05-30-12, 03:55 AM
When I check my profile, it mentions the maximum number of nest is 4.
If each costs 25 Gold, I am planning to save my gold for the 3rd. But it is showing 250 Gold for the 3rd nest.
If I had so much Gold, I would have bought those rare dragons instead.

05-30-12, 04:03 AM
I bought my second nest for 25, and the third is 100 now.

05-30-12, 04:53 AM
Mine is 125. But it'll still take forever to save up for it so not sure I can be bothered.

05-30-12, 05:10 PM
Mine is 800 for the second nest. 800!!

05-30-12, 09:18 PM
I download the game again just to see how much gold it costs to get a second nest and it costs 800. This game doesn't catch my interest and I prefer playing Empire Story than this game. Time to delete the app.

05-30-12, 09:19 PM
=_= i have just checked my market, the 3rd nest is now 1,600 Gold instead of 250 Gold as shown yesterday!!!!
so, the longer you wait and the higher the price?????

06-07-12, 11:04 AM
a 2ND NEST FOR 250 GOLD??!?!!? are you kidding me!?!? this will take months and years to save up the gold!!!

06-09-12, 11:53 PM
It'll cost me 500 gold to get another nest. Which is ridiculous and extremely obnoxious, especially when my dragons are done breeding but I can't do anything about that because I won't have my nest free for another 12 hours. Honestly, I don't think they'll keep many players with all of the price hikes they did. I'm alreadying losing intrest quickly, and I'm sure I'll have stopped playing altogether by next week.

06-10-12, 11:38 PM
mine second is of 250 gold

06-13-12, 09:33 AM
My 2nd nest costs 250 gold!! I have to wait about 12 hours for the current egg to hatch before I can place the new bred egg which is ready, in the nest. Boring!!!!! I can't afford a second nest.

06-13-12, 11:54 PM
my friend just got the 2nd by spending 250 gold.
The cost for the 3rd is 500 gold now. or someone has a different price?

06-22-12, 02:29 AM
mine is 250