View Full Version : Rules for TeamLava Fan Links

05-29-12, 03:15 PM
If the official TeamLava community forums (http://forums.teamlava.com), Facebook page (http://facebook.com/teamlava), Twitter (http://twitter.com/teamlava), Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/teamlava/) & Tumblr (http://blog.teamlava.com) isn't enough for you to contain all of your TeamLava Love? Do you have another fan page or group out there that caters to your own particular TL interests?

That's awesome! Feel free to post your link in this forum!

However, please note that there are a couple rules before you get to posting:

The #1 rule is that the normal Forum Rules & Terms of Service must still be observed on the sites you link to. Specifically, we're concerned with rules including:

- Discussing cheats
- Posting defamatory/personal info about other players or TeamLava
- Posting Support emails
- Using naughty/nasty language
- Posting links to other forums
- Talking about other, clearly inferior games instead of the excellent ones made by TeamLava
- Etc.

Other than that, there's no rules. Post your links here and talk about why you made the site/group/etc., and why it's awesome!