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05-29-12, 07:22 AM
:confused::confused::mad: I do not get it I have 67 friends send gold daily and no one gets it says 67 did not receive now dragons cost gold good stuff cost gold alot of gold why do you have to do this ,, all your games you want so much money to play the "free"games " I am about ready to just go back to facebook they are more reasonable it just seems that this is greedy and unfair.. It is wrong that you limit how much you can send what gifts you can send and receive I don't get it.. Don't you make enough money that you could give us guys a break mabee let us find gold when we expand or something .. I don't know but getting ready to drop this game and I do like it it is very frustrating.. Katsevek..

05-29-12, 08:06 AM
You can only send gold to 3 neighbors per day. So pick wisely, and don't send to your whole list of neighbors because the game will randomly select who gets the gold. Hope this helps. I don't work for team lava but I know this because there has been previous posts about it on here.

05-29-12, 08:18 AM
Yes Shorty. You are correct.

07-16-12, 02:25 AM
Why does my gold quantity not change after I have been gifted gold?

kooky panda
07-16-12, 05:55 AM
Why does my gold quantity not change after I have been gifted gold?

If you are accepting the gold and it is not adding to your total, send an email to support@teamlava.com to have them look into your game.

10-05-12, 04:53 AM
Admins can you please make some Gold creating dragons just like dragon story? Please, so we can earn gold in different ways, and it's easy because we can only send 3 golds to our friends each day. Please read my posts. Thank you admins coz last time I lost my gold

10-05-12, 06:42 AM
Ohh yes this would be a great idea!