View Full Version : Goals not completeing properlly

05-28-12, 07:24 PM
ok so i have afew goals that are not completeing or have simply failed to realise ive actually done some of it. Now before you ask yes all these were done AFTER the goals appeared not before.

Firstl none of my expansions i have completed have counted towards the goals - Fit for a King, Got the whole World and Robo expansion. Now with having done 3 expansions all 3 of those goals should be complete but none have registered.

Second where quests have asked to build rooms then add soulmates - True Romance, Romantic Corgi (both rooms have soulmates but didnt count in the goal)

Third where quests ask to add babies to the rooms - True Romance, The Great outdoors ( both have babies in the rooms but didnt count in goal)

Now i do not see why i should (to which i am not going to) have to A either delete the rooms and start again or B build the same rooms again when they should of been counted in the first place. And like i said all goals there that i have mentioned were done after the goals had appeared. They should of counted to start with. If you have some way to fix this plz do as i am not wasting anymore time in tryint to build more expansions and build more rooms for them simply not to count.

05-28-12, 11:34 PM
Huh, im on ipod and its working for me. You should send an email to support@teamlava.com they can look into it.