View Full Version : Problem with golden gate bridge!!! :(

05-28-12, 04:38 PM
I have the golden gate but when i go to see my family i dont see my golden retrieval then twice i started getting a soulmate of 230 000 each which is super expensif for me and th? Money disapears as for the soulmates also like 5 seconds later i lost the Money and on soulmate:( whats happening Please help!!

05-28-12, 11:39 PM
Try force closing the app and restarting your device, then if the glitches are still happening install and reinstall the app. (your progress is saved on the TL server) if all else fales, send an email to support@teamlava.com

05-30-12, 07:42 AM
You Know no one has helped me yet and i'm really upset because i need this fixed so i can continue my goals i did try everything and also sent a email to team lava about this but they are overloaded with emails so it's going to take several days well it's the 2nd day today and what bug's me is that i'm the only one to have this problem so i cant continue forward n-e-ways dear neighbours i give it until friday and if it's not fixed im quiting all my tl games ZOO 2/Pet shop/restaurant/fashion/bakery/dragon and pet hotel. So to all my dear neighbours talk to you on friday. :)