View Full Version : Can you block people in DS??

05-28-12, 12:31 PM
Twice now I have played on someone's island, gone to post my message ("played") and I get a message saying this user has blocked me from posting on their wall. :confused:

It happened with a fellow neighbour and with a user I've never posted or "met" before. So I am assuming it must be a bug? :confused:

I haven't posted anything offensive at all so am quite confused.

05-28-12, 12:34 PM
Its a bug in all games. See comment from a mod below.

Blocked comments - currently not available in game. If you have received this message while trying to post on a players wall, it is most likely that your game is out of sync. Exiting out of the wall, then returning and posting again seems to clear it up.

05-28-12, 12:34 PM
I'm betting it's a bug. People have asked for the option to block and before it wasn't available.

05-28-12, 01:16 PM
Ahh phew ;) thought id annoyed someone!

Thanks! :o