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05-28-12, 05:59 AM
Hi everyone :D
As you all know that poison dragon took 20hours to breed, hatch and evolution, genie and coral dragon need only 10hours for each stage. The possibility of getting each of those dragon is equal.
Today I just level up my poison dragon, genie dragon and coral to level 7. I took a quick look and how many coin they give per hour:
-Poison dragon: breeding 20 hours,hatch 20 hours, evolution 20 hours, 345c/hrs at level 7
- Genie dragon: breeding 08 hours,hatch 08 hours, evolution 08 hours, 408c/hrs at level 7
- Coral dragon: breeding 10 hours,hatch 10 hours, evolution 10 hours, 408c/hrs at level 7

So basically you get more coins for dragons whose took less time to grow. This problem can be seen in island dragon and eagle dragon or anything compare to eagle dragon lol :))
I cant check their infos yet because island is in breeding den... But seriously, island took 60 hours in total and eagle took 42 hours, island gives around 600c max and eagle gives 1500 max? Yes eagle is rare dragon, mindvolt is rare too isnt it? And hell yeah 1000max and 66 hours in total. Oh yea, I love Eagle dragon, mindvolt suck, who need mindvolt? Island for breeding diamond so one is enough, everything left must be eagle Yay!

So my suggestion is change each dragon breeding, hatching and evolution time:
- Common dragons must have lower time for each stage than rare dragons.
- Coins given by dragon must be proportional with the time breeding and hatching, faster hatching time means lower income
- Food used for each dragon must be proportional with type of dragons (rare or common) and breeding/hatching time.

And again sorry for my english. This is my personal thinking so feel free to correct it.

05-28-12, 06:10 AM
Oop seem like i made a mistake, eagle max coin is around 1200 per hour.
Food used to level up eagle and forst is the same but epic forest gives 1/3 what an epic eagle gives, what is the point of feeding forest? O.o lower food cost may encourage me to feed her lol :D
How to edit post? I am new to forum :D

05-28-12, 06:19 AM
Hi Happy_fox, for those of us who joined after April 2011 it's not possible to edit posts. You'll need to ask one of the mods to change it for you.

05-28-12, 07:03 AM
Hi Happy_fox, for those of us who joined after April 2011 it's not possible to edit posts. You'll need to ask one of the mods to change it for you.

Ok thank :D

I appreciate any opinion and suggestion ^^

11-06-12, 10:41 PM
I was trying for a honeybee dragon, and to my surprise, I got a pumpkin dragon. He is now epic form and earns $1360/hr. go pumpkin go. On a side note, I wish we could trade dragons, the wild dragon is hideous and creeps me out. Also the dragons should sleep sometimes. Just sayin😁

11-08-12, 10:35 AM
I noticed the same stupid thing! Thdy make it seem like its such a big deal to get a "rate" dragons, yet like you daid, the eagle is common, takes less time to breed and hatch, yet makes one of the most coin per hour. Now as for habitats, my ice (or whatever its called) holds 7200 , while the red rocks that the eagle is on, only hold 2500, or 2900, something. So they are always overflowing....probably some connection there. I'm just not sure i have much of a motive to try to get "rare" dragons. And as for the island goals? Ridi ulous...you really atent getting much "reward" vs the cost. I kept trying for the titan like 5 times. And got coral everytime. This 6th try I got something that says 2 days...should be titan. At least i think it is, and its a high earner i hope. But "big deal" if i meet the the goal