View Full Version : Map Requests and Mediaplayer

05-27-12, 11:42 PM
Hi I currently have 2 problems with Dragon Story;

1) Your Storm8 ID: Saaur81
2) Your device type: iPhone 4S
3) Your device OS: iOS 5.1.1

Problem 1 (and this is the really annoying one :cool:): the Music player resets when Dragon story is active (it seems to exit completely)

Problem 2: Over 8 hours ago I've sent map requests to over 600 neighbours. I think this might have been too many and bugged out, cause even though it said it was successful I still didn't get any maps (which is annoying cause I can't expand now :mad:). I did try to request again, but get the message that I already requested help from my friends today.

I hope this information helps you improve the game...and fix my issues ofcourse :)


05-28-12, 12:07 AM
Maps just started streaming in fast, thx!

05-28-12, 01:30 AM
You only get 20 map requests fulfilled per day. Requests reset at 8 am GMT hence they come flooding in at this time until you reach a max of 20 for the day.

05-28-12, 07:20 AM
Yes you can only collect 20 per day. The higher you get in rank the longer it takes to expand. Right now it takes me 2 days to expand 1 plot.

05-28-12, 01:55 PM
I read some articles realated to music player, many players currently having this issue, in any TL game and from what i see, TL pretend to not know about the issue or said it our device having the problem not the game so yea live with it.