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05-27-12, 11:36 AM

I am on the last leg of some Leprechaun related goal, and all I need is a Rainbow Toucan. It is locked until level 38 (I'm at 20) -- but my level 28 neighbor has one! What's the trick?



05-27-12, 11:41 AM
They changed the levels with some of the animals I don't know anything else sorry

05-29-12, 07:00 AM

When I got this task it was called "WORRIED FOR NOTHING". I do not know if the name has changed as one other post asked. Look for a multi-stage task with the logo of the turtle shown as the reward.

Stage 1:
- buy shamrock plants and pots of gold

Stage 2:
- get an Irish Bullfrog (1)
- receive 10 "lucky coin" from friends

Stage 3:
- get a second Irish Bullfrog
{I already had a second one and this stage "flashed by" so quickly there might have been another "sub-task" in this stage ??}

Stage 4:
- send 15 shamrocks to friends

Stage 5:
- Get a Rainbow Toucan
- Receive 10 Leprecaun Coins from Friends
- Upgrade a Habitat 2 times
{Suggestion: the new Leprechaun Panda is in the top 30 for gold-earning, costs only 600 per animal, and takes only 4 hours to breed one. So within ~8 hours you can finish this one if you don't already have a habitat ready to upgrade.}

Shamrock Turtle "data"
Cost = 1,400 gold (first one is free/reward)
Collection time = 20 hours
XP = 10
Gold = 173
{These specs place it "decently ranked" about #34 out of 125 for earning gold, using an average collection time, right around the Capuchin Monkey and Rhino.}

05-29-12, 07:03 AM
I do also have to wait till that level.I am at level 28 now.......