View Full Version : Question about habitats coin capacity

05-24-12, 01:00 PM
Sorry if this question has been covered already, but I have a question about collecting coins. My (small) red rocks habitat has 2 dragons on it that should be giving me about 800 coins an hour, but the habitat says it has a 250 coin capacity. I've noticed when the "ready" notice pops up I only collect around 70-80 coins. Am I losing money? What's going on? Do I need to move bigger dragons to bigger habitats?

05-25-12, 05:21 AM
That habitat will only give 800/hour if you're clearing it about four times/hour. If you're not clearing that frequently a larger habitat can help. Upgrading to the Big Red Rocks will allow you to store $2500 before needing to collect.

If you don't have many dragons but have the coin and capacity to build more habitats, spreading your dragons among the habitats will help maximise your coins when you're not clearing and through more plays (from visitors). Adding/expanding habitats will also grant you experience which is needed to level which gets you more habitats and so on.

I think there are some trigger collection points for each quarter of capacity that is reached. You'll still be accruing coins (unless you've hit the max). It's just a reminder to collect them before they get too full.