View Full Version : Breeding problem

05-24-12, 06:33 AM
Im having a problem when im about to breed magic+water and im getting kind of bug everytime i press breed in breeding den, and it suddenly popped out a windows twice its like flashing and i dont know what it says.

Anyone having this kind problem? I hope i can get a mod reply because i dont wish to have both of my dragons to be stuck there like forever.

05-24-12, 07:32 AM
Do one or all of the following things. I usually do all:
* Force close the app and restart
* Delete the app from your device and reinstall.
* Turn off your device and restart.

(The order I usually do is: Force close app, delete app, turn off device, restart device, reinstall app from app store, restart game.)

You will not lose anything. Your data and dragons are stored on TeamLava's servers.