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05-21-12, 10:40 AM
I'm wondering if there is a maximum number of habitats you can have at any level? I just started playing 2 days ago so I'm not sure. I don't want to build one if I don't know the color I'm going to need from breeding, but I want to have one available for it to go into once its hatched. Thx!

05-21-12, 10:44 AM
Yes there is, but I don't recall what they are.


That thread, the first post, shows color of eggs along with what they are, you can then look in your game to see what that dragon would require when it comes off the nest. Most habitats build quicker than the nesting, or pretty close to it. None of the dragons go bad if you don't remove them from the breeder or the eggs from the nest, so if you have to leave it there for a bit while your habitat completes, you won't lose it.

03-25-13, 07:24 AM
its best to have at least 1 color of habitiat so that way you you can just place them in their habitat.. but you will not lose your dragon if its in the nest and cant hatch it

03-25-13, 08:22 PM
There is a limit on habitats. Go into menu then overview. On that page it will tell you how many you have and the current maximum for your lvl :)