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05-20-12, 10:09 PM
Explorers have discovered the diary of ancient dragon keeper. We have published this diary in as it gives a fascinating insight into the beginning of one dragon keeper?s adventures.

Day 1:

I?ve found myself somehow dumped on top of a mysterious island. I have no idea how I got here as the cliffs are clearly too high to scale. I appear to be in a clearing that is ringed by thick forest.
What?s that? There?s a giant nest. I better be careful. Maybe whatever uses that nest is playing on using me for baby food.

My curiosity got the better of me and I approached the nest. As I neared it a disembodied voice spoke to me. It was so clear I could almost see the words written in front of me. I was told that I am to be a dragon keeper.

My first task is to hatch a baby dragon. I?ve been told to use gold to speed up the process. Fat chance of that! Gold is precious where I come from so I?m hoarding it.

Day 3:

The last couple of days have gone by in a bit of a blur. I?ve hatched dragons, built habitats for them to play in. I?ve also ventured (very carefully) into their habits to collect the silver that somehow collects there. Could the dragons be pooping silver?? If that?s the case spending money to build farms and grow crops makes sense. From what I?ve observed the more I feed them the more there is to collect. Note to self, track how much food I get and how much food the dragons need as this seems to have changed over time.

Day 4:

I?ve built a breeding den. I can use this to breed more dragons including dragons that I would otherwise have to pay gold for. I?m going to have to keep track of what I breed, how long it takes and what I get.

I?ve also built something called an evolution temple. I?ve put one of dragons in. I wonder what will come out?

Day 5:

I?ve finally figured out a way to get off this island. Unfortunately it only gets me to other people?s islands. Oh well. I?ve taken the opportunity to play with their dragons and get ideas for my own island.
I?ve got to say I don?t think there dragons are very playful. Most of the ones I tried to play with were already tired. I did notice that when I got back to my island some of the habitats were sparking. It turns out that they had been played with. When I click on them I got more money. Yay!
One thing I really did take notice of is that other people seem to have cleared more of their island. I?ll have to work out how to do that.

Day 6:

Ok I?ve been a bit of a Nellie. It turns out there are these signs across my island that say expand. I?ve selected an area to expand. It looks like that?s going to cost me money and time.

I?ve checked my expansion at the end of the day. It looks different ? no longer dark and mysterious. I can even select individual items to clear. Well that?s just increased my work load.

Day 7:

I?ve continued expanding but now it?s asking me some things called mystic maps. If I don?t have them I?m supposed to ask my neighbours. What neighbours?

I?ve spent part of the day visiting other people?s islands and asking them on their wall to invite/add me. Good thing I took the time to setup a storm8 id or I wouldn?t be able to tell them who to invite.

Day 10:

I?ve been slack filling in my diary. Basically I?ve been feeding, breeding, evolving my dragons and expanding my island. I?ve even made it to another island. I?ve been using my dragons to fly me about ? otherwise how could I get anywhere.

I?ve also been trying to complete these new goals that some guardians have given. They?re really frustrating me as I?ll have done something (non goal related), finish a goal and then get a new goal to do what I had just finished . . . .

Day 11:

I?m not having much luck with breeding dragons. I?ve had a couple of rares but I?m mainly getting commons. If I get another fruitiful I?m going to have to sell it.

I?ve heard tell that there is a rare diamond dragon that can be breed by using dragons that combine every element. Supposedly firestorm and island gives the best chance. Some people have all the luck as this just gives me fruitifuls and firestorms.

Day 12:

I?ve just encountered a wretched rock. Oh woe is me! It costs $100000 to remove and takes about a day.

The need to clear the expanded areas and gets maps to expand means it?s taking me forever to expand. I?m going to have to use my down time to make some paper as this diary is at an end. Maybe by the time I work this out I'll be able to built more breeding dens and evoloution temples.

This is the end of the first diary. Please keep an eye out for other diaries.

Author?s note: please note that this doesn?t track my first adventures

05-21-12, 11:31 AM
This is great! Very creative. :)

05-24-12, 12:58 PM
Haha good job��pooping silver!! Lol

05-24-12, 01:34 PM
this is super! I feel like I'm perpetually stuck on day 10, a la groundhog's day.

05-25-12, 02:56 PM
Thanks for a good chuckle! pooping cascades of silver!!

05-26-12, 05:40 PM
Day 15:

It only took me one day to turn a small bitter bark into paper for my diary. The other days were spent being sick because I has had to see why it was called bitter. Note to self never try that again. I should just stick to the farm food. It's the only thing I can see around here. It's not like there's a handy bakery or restaurant around the corner . . .

Day 16:

My neighbours have reported that weird things are happening with their gold. Some of them have had there gold so devalued that it's now costing five or more times to speed things up. Hmm I wonder if they're in Italy?? I'm lucky that my is still going strong. The little cynic in me thinks my gold is strong because my luck breeding dragons is poor. Seriously who wants another fruitiful, firestorm or island? Is there a way I could swap them with my neighbours?

Day 17:

New dragons have been spotted!!!! It seems that there's a poison, coral and genie one. I thought I'd be clever and breed a magic with a fruitiful as I should end up with a poison or coral one. Nope my luck still sticks, I got a fruitiful. If only fruitifuls would do something useful like increase the amount of crops you can grow.

Day 20:

I see it, I see the way, the way to world domination. I'll unleash my dragons on the unsuspecting world and take all their gold. I'll use the gold to buy diamond dragons and others that I'm missing. No more of this chancy breeding business. It'll all be mine mwah huh huh huh.

Day 21:
Oh my. I've been under the influence of my mindvolt dragon. Who knew that that he had such a bent? I'm going to have to be very careful around him in future. Maybe I'll have to focus on riddles when trying to feed him. At least I didn't do anything stupid like trying to kidnap my neighbours' dragons. At least I really hope I didn't try.

Day 22:
Why oh why have the TL gods limited us to only getting 20 maps/day? I have the gold and the need to expand but I'm waiting on these maps. Surely given the time it takes to expand and then clear, they could see fit to allow us to receive more maps. Maybe if they scaled it according to my level? While I'm waiting I'll see if I can scout my neighbours' islands to see which bits I shouldn't expand to. If only we could clearly see in advance where those wretched rocks are.

05-28-12, 05:11 AM
Bahahaha! Love it, keep it coming ; )

05-28-12, 05:35 AM
If you have any luck scoping those wretched rocks please sent me a dragongam. They seem to jump out in front of me.

Great diary. I love it. Brilliant, creative, funny.....

05-28-12, 07:15 AM
Great story, and it is so funny. By the way, I have 6 firestorms already. I hope one day when I wake up. There aren't combo of fruitful, firestorm, and mist any more in my breed den!!!

06-02-12, 05:04 PM
Day 23:
Yesterday I was complaining about wretched rocks. Today I heard someone complaining about mouldy boulders. Mouldy boulders, who cares about mouldy boulders I thought. I was then told that they cost $450000 to clear. Suddenly I cared a whole lot about mouldy boulders. I'm a little paranoid now before i select an area to expand. I've found that I've been checking my neighbours' islands to see what's in an area i want to expand to. May I should see if people will submit screenshots of their islands or at least a list of what was on each section?

Day 25:
What have I done!!! What have I done!!!! Yesterday I went to the TL temple and offered out that I was ok with the powers that be changing the economy if only they'd give me a mindvolt or serpent. My next breed was a serpent so that was great. However in exchange for that the whole economy was destroyed. Habitats have gone up dramatically, food quantities have halved. I feel that my quest to get a serpent has had the sort of effect that rapid climate change and the Euro collapsing would have on the world. Gotta hide so that the mob doesn't come after me. But where can I hide? If I'd been stockpiling gold i could try to buy my way out of it. Hang on that's not going to work as gold costs have gone through the roof and my stash is now worthless.

Day 28:

I've ventured out of hiding today. People are still upset but they haven't twigged that I accidentally caused the catastrophe. Dodged a bullet (or a flaming firestorm) there.

It seems that the powers that be have also been working to calm the hordes. There was a 30 gold reward for gambling. Not sure that's exactly the sort of thing that should be aimed at these games. Then again the way the breeding system works, I feel we've all been conditioned to gamble. On another note more dragons have been spotted. Don't be fooled by them. The structure might be the same as other dragons but the different colours mean that they are definitely different. Hanging out in the night club after a hard day of dragon keeping, I heard that some of these new dragons are super rare but seem to be easier to breed than rares. That must be true as essentially I've heard it from some bloke in the pub.

Day 29:
Still not having much luck breeding these rares, super rares and ultra rares. I'm up to my ears in firestorms, fruitifuls and islands. Not a very pleasant experience being covered by dragons. In some respects I've been lucky. I have a number of eagles and firestorms. It's got to the stage where I'd be willing to trade even some of those for the dragons I'm missing. Hmm... trading could be a social and commercial aspect of the game. TL could allow us to trade with others all for the cost of some gold. Hang on, I shouldn't make any more suggestions. I've gotta remember what happened last time.

Day 30:
Maybe I'm not to blame for the reduction in crops. That occurred not long after the poison dragon was discovered. That's it! It's the poison dragon's fault that crops are withering in the field. Oh the weight off my shoulders. Now if only I could find someone else to blame for the economy..... Hmm.... Maybe it's that elusive wizard dragon. Nobody's said that he wasn't a financial wizard. Here's a thought, if I finally do get a wizard dragon, will his name be Bernie???

06-02-12, 08:13 PM
Brilliant new entries! I'm really enjoying this diary. Thanks, maguar.

06-06-12, 05:49 AM
Day 33:
Ugh. I am so over buffbeets. I know that they're about the second best crop to plant and they give me three minutes in between. And I know that I don't want to be doing Impruberries every 30 seconds even though they're about the best. But if i have to plant another buffbeet I think I'm going to scream. Why oh why can't they improve the yield from some of the longer crops. Yes I understand that the dragons poop out silver, but come on, surely there's some actual poop that can be used as fertilizer. Crops fertilized with dragon poop should either give higher quantities or larger products. Either way it should be more food.

So I was taking a break from my buffbeets and watching my dragons when I noticed something. My life dragons do constant little flower farts. Then every so often they do such a large one it really lifts them off the ground. Not sure I want to get close enough to smell them though.

Day 34:
Gotta get my mind a little cleaner so it doesn't keep going back to dragon poop. Speaking of getting things clean, why don't my dragons fly into the lake at the bottom of the waterfall? How cool would it be to see them playing in there, ducking under the waterfall?

Just bred my umpteenth island dragon. I've got 20 hours to wait before it hatches. Why can't I sell these eggs? Surely there's some restaurant out there that could do a chef's special of dragon omelettes. Hmm... I wonder where the dragons that I sell end up? I'd feel sort of bad if they ended up as boots or something in a fashion story. But really only a little bit bad if it was an island, or mist, or fruitiful or firestorm . . . .

Day 35:
I've not been thinking too clearly about my expansions and clearings. I should have been leaving the outsides of the islands uncleared so that I could put my habitats and farms in thick forests. I think it would have made my dragons feel more at home. Then again having a few more decorating items wouldn't go astray. Some cool rocks, trees, a few new statues. How about a feeding trough for the dragons? I'm going lose a hand soon the way some of the dragons chow down.

Gotta go as the dragon hordes are howling for their next feed and i've still gotta harvest those ruddy buffbeets

07-08-12, 01:19 AM
Day 55:
Well there's been a lot of time since I last wrote in my diary. I've got to confess that part of the delay is that i've been grappling with whether I wanted to continue playing the game. The other part is a bit of paranoia about the changes TL seems to make whenever I breed a new dragon type. I breed a coral and they slightly adjust the food quantities and experience. I could live with that. Right so i decide to keep playing the game and they immediately reward me with a wild which i haven't been able to get. This is great I think. Couple of days later i breed an Atlantis - woo hoo it's a super rare. And that's when it happened. That's when the expansion prices increased fivefold. As i said it's enough to make me paranoid.

Day 56:
Looking at the changes now, i think i'm the only millionaire left as i'd gone into pauper mode. I'd stopped growing food, levelling dragons and expanding. i'd got into the mindset that once you hit level 30 you've unlocked everything so there's not point in levelling. I was also hoping (obviously against hope) that TL would maybe half the prices. Coming to the temple, one of the high priestess made a good point - expand and level in case TL bring out more habitats, decorations, level based dragons etc

Day 57:
Ok my pity party over the last couple of days is now gone. I've recommitted to the game, i'm visiting my neighbours, i'm feeling calm so it's time to share some of my observations of the last couple of weeks.

I've mentioned before that i'm not a fan of fruitiful dragons. i've called them names such as fermentables and groan everything i breed one. However there are some good points - at least i think they're good because they either make me laugh or think. When my connection was slow and it was taking time to visit other islands i really started paying attention to the loading fruitiful dragon. One of the first things i noticed was that given the size of it's tongue, it couldn't have room in it's head for much more than the tongue. I felt good because here was proof that fruitifuls really were stupid. Further proof comes from it's effort to get the apple. First it keeps missing and licking the floor. Second doesn't it realise that if the apple grows from it's body, if it did manage to eat the apple it would be self cannibalising. I think of that and then i think of the epic fruitiful with its small wings on its butt and realise that everything it flies it should flip over and fall on its face. If all this seems harsh it's only because you haven't bred umpteen fruitifuls.

I was visting a neighbour and was quite taken with their almost epic titan. When i see it there bouncing around i think a couple of things: doesn't the bouncing disturb the other dragons and donkey from shrek singing i like big butts. Possibly immature of me but i got a giggle out of it.

I've looked at the time and i've got to leave my diary writing as it's gifting and visiting time. I will come back - hopefully in a funner frame of mind :)

07-09-12, 01:10 PM
Thanks for the laughs.
As a newbie to this story game, I am still adjusting to the horrible overall economy of it, and realizing that perhaps this is simply a game to play when I am pointedly ignoring someone.

07-10-12, 05:47 AM
haha you're a genius! i love your diaries its exactly the way i see DS too!

keep up the good work! :)

07-10-12, 12:45 PM
Brilliant diary account! Lol So! It's you to blame for this DS economy! JK I am having the same luck myself. And I'm not getting the bonus coins added to my account when I complete goals or the daily bonus either. Lost out on over 13,000. coins today on that one! Making this game even more difficult! But keep up the diary. At least it's amusing while we wait...& wait & wait...

09-01-12, 04:47 PM
Day 64:
I'm thinking that my new dragon curse has changed. I bred a wizard and nothing changed in Dragon Story. I fell into a gem trap in farm but at least the curse was confined to me and not to everyone.

Day 65:
I really think the curse might be gone. I've just bred a forestfire and nothing has changed. I haven't even fallen into a gem trap in other games. Oh happy days.

Day 69:
OMG I was able to gift gold to all my neighbours today! I went round to everyone and let them know. Turns out only some people were able to gift everyone - not fair. The next day I was back to only being able to gift three. Seriously we need more gifting options. I feel so bad that there are people I can't gift.

Day 73:
Not sure if this is a return of the curse or not, but all the new dragons are diamond hybrids. Why all the diamond hybrids when I can't even get a diamond in the first place. I've tried all the combos but I don't have the patience to do about 100 tries of the same combo. It just gets so boring. Maybe i'll have to save my gold but it costs such a lot to get a diamond.

Day 74:
I've been visiting different islands when I came across something that made me see red. Someone had written that they had gotten so many of the infinity (new diamond) dragons that they might as well be common. I looked on their island and they had about a dozen diamond/hybrid dragons. Why do they have such good breeding luck when I don't! I'll take some of their unwanted "common" infinity dragons off their hands straight away.

Day 75:
Woo hoo! I'd been working on the Nether Portal goal for days. It was about to expire and I finally got an athletic dragon. I wasn't able to get the scorpion when that goal was out, but by the time i got that goal the reward was 1500 food not gold so no big loss. Would have loved to have got the goal when it was gold cause it'd give me enough to buy a diamond.

Day 77:
I was visiting other islands when I stumbled across something strange. The look and feel was dragon but there were no dragons to be seen. Instead there were weird monsters running around.

It looks like this new strange land has learnt some lessons from DS. You can zoom out a bit further, you get experience from selling eggs from the nest. The cost of building, expanding, feeding monsters is quite high so there shouldn't be a catastrophic economic event.

I'm gonna give it a try but my heart will always be with DS.

06-21-13, 07:28 AM
Awesome diary entries! I love it! You are so good at this, please keep writing more!

06-21-13, 08:40 AM
This is great but is it going to bring a change?

08-01-13, 03:50 PM
I would thank you too, if this wasn't the way I'm feeling right now. I am totally lost playing this game. I've read the guide and it leaves me more baffled. I did an expansion and nothing seems to have moved, I had to pay ridicules among just to clear a single tree. What should an expansion look like when completed? I started playing this game because I like dragons, didn't realize to continue playing I'd need to get a second job. Wheew. Venting felt good.

08-01-13, 05:40 PM
This is great but is it going to bring a change?

It's just a way to entertain I guess

They're really good and addicting

08-02-13, 05:55 PM
Thank you Maguar  this was entertaining, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on all the recent kaos that TL has created with the breeding  if you were confused before this is going to blow ur mind lol. Keep up the diary  it's great!

08-02-13, 09:16 PM
This was really funny xD