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05-20-12, 04:45 PM
I just downloaded the game 2 days ago. I bred my first hybrid - a wild dragon. I was excited because that's the one I REALLY wanted lol.

I do have some questions:

1) Should I try to fill my habitats as soon as I can? I have 2 red (one big), 2 green (one big) and a regular yellow. I want to save room for hybrids, but I want to make a bunch of coins to buy food and stuff. Should I save room or try to fill it up asap?

2) What food is the best to try to harvest?

3) Does it matter what order you breed for hybrids? I noticed in the dragon menu it has some dragons as red/green and some as green/red. Do I have to follow this or does it not matter?

Thank you all! This is a fun game.

05-20-12, 04:53 PM
Also, do the dragons die of old age?

05-20-12, 05:09 PM
Do people get gem sales in this game? I don't.

05-20-12, 06:32 PM
This is just from me personally - I have as many habitats as I can. The more habitats, the more people can play with your dragons. As long as you have one dragon in it, it can be played with. Small habitats can hold 2 dragons, large ones can hold 3. (except the diamond habitat - that can only hold 1)

Food - whatever works best for your time. If you're going to be in the game for a while, plant the 30 second crops (sorry, I'm blanking on the names of everything right now lol) repeatedly. If you are going to be away awhile, plant something longer. Really nice feature - your crops will not go bad/"spoil". Plant what works for you :)

I'm not sure if it does matter which order you breed - some say no, others say yes. I've done it, and I think it can make a difference. But there's no guarantee - I've been trying to get a serpent for days ;)

I don't believe the dragons die, since it seems nothing "expires" in the game. You can sell them, but I think that's the only way for them to go.

I haven't heard of anyone getting a sale in DS yet - but it's only been out for a very short time.

05-21-12, 05:15 AM
Awesome! Thanks for the advice! I added 2 new habitats and spaced out my dragons more. I now need more space! It's a fortune to clear out the trees so I'm doing that little by little. My next inveatment will be to either build bigger habitats or more farms.

05-22-12, 10:49 AM
Do people get gem sales in this game? I don't.

Lmaooooo!!! You're HILARIOUS, Rainy!!! :-D

06-30-12, 12:32 AM
Lmaooooo!!! You're HILARIOUS, Rainy!!! :-D
Ya KNOW it was worth a try. Lol

06-30-12, 07:26 AM
As soon as you level up I recommend getting to max habitats again. Forest dragons are good for this because green habitats hold a good amount of coins and are very cheap. Just having a few level 1 forests will help you get alot of coins when people play with them. you can sell all of that back and get an ok return when you want to get a different habitat later.

06-30-12, 04:16 PM
Visit a lot of community islands and play with their dragons. Up to you if you leave a note. Some will return your visit and you get bonus coins and xp for collecting from your sparkling habitats. Do this so you can afford the large versions of the habitats rather than buying the small and upgrading (costs the price if the large to upgrade so you're out of pocket)

06-30-12, 05:32 PM
Also all dragons can be bred for 200.00 so don't spend lots on buying them!! I have 2 small farms and then purchased one large... I kept most of my dragons young, and started stock piling food! Then bought one more large.... At this point I don't think I need more farms, just making money and planting food, and clearing little by little. Oh and lots of breeding! LoL... And a few sales of dragons I have lots of!