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05-14-12, 10:40 PM
OK... So I collect my daily bonus every day. My multiplier is only x2 regardless of what I do. My "zoo rating" is a 4 1/2 - I have max stars for everything but the attractions, which I have 1.5 stars and I visit other zoo's so I am always a 3 or 4. It doesnt seem to matter how many attractions I put in the zoo, I never get above a 1.5 star! I have maxed out the expansions and have every inch of my zoo occupied by something. I currently have over 130 popcorn stands displayed. I just took out the rest of the attractions and re-displayed the animals because it didnt matter how many types (even items from the mystery boxes) or #'s of attractions I had, I just cant get it over 1.5 and its killing my bonus multiplier. Help! Is anyone else having this problem? Suggestions?

05-16-12, 07:49 PM
My experience was, when I had an ocean of ice cream stands, I was still not at 5 stars but it was close. Later on, when I had most space filled with animals and the rest filled with ice cream, I had less, maybe 3.5 or so. As an experiment, I tried including "one of each" type of attraction (and the rest ice cream). That raised the star level to a little above 4 but not 5. I did not try removing more ice cream to put in replicates of the others. But I am guessing star rating is both variety and quantity.

06-11-12, 11:56 AM
How do you 'collect' daily bonus?

06-12-12, 02:19 AM
The first time you open the game each day, it presents you with a "daily bonus" were you get x coins times your rating. The trick is, you have to shut the game down. If it's running in the background you wont get the bonus. Atleast that's been my experience on the iPhone 3Gs.

06-13-12, 03:22 PM
Yeah that's true