View Full Version : Zoo 2 Weekly Updates 5-10-12

kooky panda
05-09-12, 02:24 PM
Teaser from DW:


Get the beavers soon for your Zoo!


Sure, these guys are called "Poison Dart Frogs", but it's just a name. They don't shoot Poison Darts. (They're still totally poisonous though.)

Remember updates roll out, you will either get the new items on Thursday or Tuesday.
Also limited offer are sent out randomly and they are independent from the weekly updates. The limited offers are only sent out on Thursday.

http://forums.teamlava.com/announcement.php?f=66 (http://forums.teamlava.com/announcement.php?f=66)

05-09-12, 06:07 PM
At least it's not another Harry Potter's zoo animal ;-P

05-10-12, 04:03 PM
Update: Beaver 14 gems 4 hour 95 coin 9 paws
Poison Dart Frog: 38,000 coins Constructable: 12 gloves 7 dark rock Coll: 11hr. 120 coin 10 paws
Leopard Seal: 14,000 coin 9hr Cross Breed Snow Leopard & Harp Seal

05-10-12, 06:14 PM
I just bought an expansion, so i'll to collect for a while before i can get the frog!

05-11-12, 02:24 AM
So many frogs coming out from TL! There are at least 5 types of frogs in this game already!

05-14-12, 10:15 AM
When you get the XP and GOLD for the Leopard Seal please, reply.

The Beaver is ranked very high on gold generation and overall Gold+XP generation. The Poison Dart Frog is not too shabby either, which is as it should be considering the high cost.