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05-02-12, 10:01 PM
I usually have only "Profile comments" notification on. But I was breeding an animal so I turned "Breeding finished" on. But instead of it telling me when my breeding was done it told me all the animals in my shop had money ready to collect.

I don't want to know when I have money to collect. That's way more notifications than I want since there are animals ready constantly throughout the day. I only want important notifications.

Can this please be fixed so it truly only tells you when your breeding is done? Not everything else.

IOS 5.1

05-05-12, 10:01 AM

05-05-12, 10:02 AM
Uninstall and reinstall

05-05-12, 02:41 PM
Unfortunately the notification for collections and breeding are in the same notification. The suggestion to have these split has already been passed on to our developers.