View Full Version : A Man Gram! Celebrity Edition

04-29-12, 04:21 AM
This is an anagram game. Rules are simple. You unscramble the anagram and get the right answer. Once the poster has confirmed it correct you may post your anagram of the said Celebrity's name.

Requirements for your anagram:

He/She must be a world famous celebrity so people may recognise him/her
One hint only Ex: He is a Grammy Award winner, etc.
You may repeat a celebrity but the letter arrangement must be different
The anagram must be actual words not scrambled lettera. Yes it's okay to 'rename' him/her.

Does everyone get it? Okay then! I'll start:

Barney Sprites
Hint: She is a female singer.

04-29-12, 04:22 AM
OMG...can someone move this to the Forum games? Silly me....*I'm an idiot*

04-29-12, 04:43 AM
Hahah Barney sprites.. Is it Britney spears? :)

04-29-12, 06:42 AM
lol :P

how about...

Girlie Law hell?