View Full Version : Game Suggestions - option to sell breeders.

04-24-12, 01:45 AM
Hi TL and everyone else.

i've got a suggestion for a game enhancement.

i dont know if i'm the only id10t to accidentally purchase extra breeders :o but i was wondering if TL could add an option to sell the breeder (for gold or less gems).

in my opinion, we need more nursery space than breeders, cause the cross breeding animals are limited, and since i accidentally bought 2 extra breeders - wasn't thinking straight - i'd like the option to sell them so i can get more nurseries instead.

i dont know if anyone would like to go the other way around - sell nursery for gems/coins, but its an idea.

lets see what TL have to say...


04-25-12, 04:55 AM
can TL please close this thread as i am copying it to the main forum.