View Full Version : Bonus's taken away

04-14-12, 05:46 AM
I saw the total of my coins b4 I finally got in my Bakery & when I did get in, my bonus was taken away. V day bakery is not supported anymore

04-14-12, 05:49 AM
Oh I'm Level 70 in Bakery & Level 71 in Restaurant & bonus's in both games was taken away. How can I get over 73,000 coins back???��������

04-14-12, 05:53 AM
It's 8:53AM, where is that time that it's showing??

kooky panda
04-14-12, 08:42 AM
the regular bakery game does not have the loss of coins bug fix yet. If you have already deleted the valentine version you will not be able to go and download.

The manual update to the regular bakery should be coming soon, and it should have this coin bug fix in it.

04-14-12, 12:59 PM
I really hope so because I am loosing sooooooo much.....I'm going to have to maneuver my bakery so I only have a few tables available instead of blocking the door. I just noticed this but it's actually been happening for a week :-(
Kooky any idea when they are going to fix the bug???

04-14-12, 07:53 PM
please don't block your door this method is not guaranteed and can cause these coin or food loss issues.