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06-13-10, 02:52 PM
Why is it that asparagus comes at a higher level, but even though both asparagus and lemon cucumber have the same time/experience, the cucumber gives more money, making the asparagus worthless.

06-14-10, 06:16 PM
This I don't get, either. In fact, I think the crops should have more variables than simply money and time. For instance, what about a high-dollar crop that matures in, say, six hours -- but has a very short window before it wilts? So each crop in the menu would show both the time it takes to reach harvest and the time it takes after that to wilt (could be shown on a little meter?).

You might not want to plant something like that if you're not sure you can get back on the game precisely at harvest time. But the rewards would be much greater than a crop with bigger flexibility.

But yeah, the lemon cucumber/asparagus situation is silly.

I think yellow squash just rendered something else obsolete as well.

07-12-10, 11:41 AM
i think it is nice to play with the look of the farm and not to only care about how much i will get from a crop... I like asparagus and i am level 43...

07-12-10, 09:53 PM
Guys, it is up to you how you would like to play this game: Economic or Aesthetic.
No point on arguing what crops to grow best.
Happy farming :).

07-13-10, 08:10 AM
Hum, somebody needs to learn to count, asparagus gives 5 more coins and 1 more XP. I call asparagus more worthy...

07-13-10, 01:33 PM
Hum, somebody needs to learn to count, asparagus gives 5 more coins and 1 more XP. I call asparagus more worthy...

Actually, lemon cucumber and asparagus have the same XP... but asparagus yield is higher (and I think higher than 5 but I don't remember right now).

10-17-10, 09:46 PM
I made myself a spreadsheet for every crop I have qualified for. I recommend everyone do the same. I have it sorted by *hours* as this is how I decide category to plant.

I also then figure them out at coins per hour as I want to know what is the best bang for my buck. Generally the shorter the time the more you make per square and the earlier you got the crop the less money it makes per hour in its own hour category.
I first figure out *net* profit - which is Profit - (cost + 10 coins to plow). Then I figure how much I get per hour if watered and not watered. You obviously count on Strawberries not being watered, and expect the longer the crop sits there they will be all watered, or you have a lot of neighbors so that your whole field is normally taken care of.
Generally the net profit per hour is so poor on the crops of 1 day or more that the only reason to plant them is for your *own* convenience. I cannot understand, except going out of town, why anyone would plant red quiona, as it has such a low per hour profit and your neighbors can give up on you if your crop is full in one day and they visit it 3 days and there is nothing to water. They may find that you are not worth their time.
Also remember that when it is watered you get 1 XP, so add 1 XP to the value assigned.

XP Name Time Net P before wtr Net P/ hour Net P after wtr. Net P/ hour

3 Tomato 16h 140 8.75 160 10
3 Lemon Cuc. 16h 175 10.9 195 12.2
3 Asparagus 16h 275 1702 295 18.4

The lower something costs, the more important the watering is in profit per hour. Look at carrots, for example, if you can get them all watered it makes a lot more money then if they are not (do not wait to pull them though if they are not watered, just get more neighbors so you will have fully watered crops).

1 Carrot 3h 65 21.6 85 28.3